25 July 2009

Thoughts in a day

Circle-up. Announcements.
Session. Break.
Any questions?
Food groups.
Free time.
Read the files.
Ask questions.
Turn in your yellow sheet.
Get up early enough to have breakfast for 20 on time.
Ask questions.
Get on your bike.
Get off your bike.
Sit by someone new.
Ask questions.
Sleep hard.
Hang your clothes on the balcony.
Fetch them when they blow off.
Be quiet for 5 minutes of silence
Do a devotion for the remaining ten.
Check your food groups.
Choose a project.
Go there.
Ask questions.

13 July 2009

Yea Bah

Susanne is here! We lived and worked for a year in Nigeria together. Yea for old friends. Bah for not being able to remember specific people and happenings.

09 July 2009

Meals this week.

Sticky rice.
Sticky rice with mangoes.
Sticky rice with mangoes and warm coconut milk.
Sticky rice with veggies.
Sticky rice with veggies, chicken, Szechuan style.

Tortillas and scrambled eggs.
Tortillas, scrambled eggs, and black beans.
Tortillas, eggs, beans, and cream.

Hominy and collared greens.
Hominy, collared greens, and and peanut sauce.

05 July 2009

OT and Andy

Ever had that super proud feeling? As if your heart would just burst from happiness? I remember the first time I ever felt that. Let's take a trip down my memory lane, k?
Place: Gym floor (covered with a huge green tarp, so as not to scuff the precious Missile Basketball/Volleyball court.
People around me: Everyone from K-5, which is about 100 kids or so. We're all sitting on our knees. Kindergartners in the front row, followed by each grade sequentially. I'm about 3 rows deep, guess that means I'm in 2nd grade. It's dark and dimmed in the gym for only being 10am on a Friday in early spring. The teachers form a solid line behind us, they're pointing at us to "be quiet, pay attention, and BEHAVE." I'm pretty much convinced that they have been selected to be teachers because they possess severely pointy fingers to single us out from the crowd when we're getting ourselves into trouble. They're all excellent pointers.

Ok, now that that's all been explained, what on earth could possibly be happening in front of us? Well.....it's the High School Musical!!!!! It's not only the musical, it's my brother up there! On that huge stage. Without his glasses, looking like a true orphan. I can't believe it! He knows all of his lines! He sings solos, he dances, he's OLIVER TWIST!

A few months back, he came from school white as a ghost. Mom asked how the auditions went, and my brother, the skinny, pale, knock-kneed, near-sighted young guy said in the quietest voice, "I'm Oliver." Mom says something like, well...you're just going to have to walk back up to school at tell them no. My brother, Andy, was in 8th grade at the time, and was just trying out for the background characters. He accidentally got picked to be Oliver. Our whole family was in shock.

Soon, we started to learn the songs along with Andy. I vividly remember seeing the black and white script and songbook appearing in all sorts of places. Bathroom floor, top of the tv, in the car. And then it was gone. I didn't see the book, I didn't hear any tunes coming from anywhere in the house. It was as if the play had already happened and we'd forgotten about it.

But that Friday morning it all came back to me. "Food Glorious Food" was sung and I knew some of the lines and sang along! What a feeling! To know that my brother was on the stage singing and dancing in front of people and doing it rather well! I had this overwhelming feeling of possession. It's the best way I can describe it! That was MY BROTHER up there and he lived in the same house as me and I knew some of the songs the cast sang, and I just knew he was amazing up there. That 'little kid' sense of pride was so overwhelming and so great! It felt like I was going to explode with happiness!

Later that night, I got to watch him do the whole musical for a real audience and it was pretty great! His little voice was so high when he sang "Where Is Love," he even closed his eyes when he sang! I was so impressed with the whole thing. The sets, the costumes, even the make-up, and especially the kids who got to spray their hair gray. It was all amazing.

Nowadays I don't get that sense of pride as much as I did in the 2nd grade. But that's ok...thinking of that day sitting on my knees and watching my brother change into an orphan for an hour was just perfect.

01 July 2009

Journal Thursdays

I don't have much to write today. So I thought why not cheat and read back through some old stuff when I lived in Kwarhi. So basically, if you're reading this, you've discovered my old journal. Pretend you've been snooping around and just discovered this little gem.

"27 November 2004. Saturday afternoon. A.M. has been telling me all kinds of stories today. Sometimes she repeats them but I listen as if they're new to me. I read the new book by Dave Eggers this week. Mom sent it in the mail to me. I wish I was a witty author. P. taught me how to ride a motorcycle today. I was freshman-year nervous, but I didn't even crash. I did about 7 laps around Bachmann's and Yuguda's house. If I get a regular motorcycle then it will be difficult to ride in dresses. But a VESPA would be easier in a dress. Today I went to Christie and Luka's wedding today with P, U, Kwaji, and Rebekah Dauda. It went well, we saw 3 big accidents on the way home between Madagali and Michika. I hope I never am in an accident over here. Chances are slim that one would survive. Final exam questions are due this week. I still don't have my questions ready. I also have to grade 70 more essays from the semester, too."

Well wasn't that about as exciting as watching paint dry? Check back next Thursday for the newest installment of old journal entries.
To enhance your snooping, please listen to "As Time Goes By" by Jimmy Durante