01 May 2008

Aiki Aiki Aiki (work work work)

Someone asked me what a typical day at orientation would resemble:

6:30 alarm goes off. look around and think about the day
6:32 run to the shower and out in 8 minutes
6:50 gel hair deodorant arms brush teeths
7:00 elevator to ground floor brisk walk to kitchen
7:05 grab coffee paper sit and talk to volunteers
7:30 begin breakfast toast cereal coffee possibly repeat
8:30 quiet time
9:00 session til 11:00
11:00 food groups start lunch
12:30 eat lunch (.75 per person)
2:00 session til 4:00
4:00 food group preps dinner ($1 per person)
6:00 dinner
7:30 til 9:00 session
9:00 volunteer led devotion

ah the typical day at work.