29 July 2011

Best Parts: Vacation edition

Walker Brothers' Pancake house with 4 cups of resplendent coffee. DANA!'s mix tape (cd) as the background to Chicago traffic.
Hand made garlic naan with my Mexis.
Bubble tea  at the AHN.
Biking another 13 miles in flip flops.
Celebrating Alicia's life with a lotta ladies.

26 July 2011

Best Parts: Random Tuesday

A belated birthday dinner complete with a sombrero and tequila poured down my throat in a very quiet and suburban Mexican restaurant.
My Mexis. Always quick-witted with middle fingers flying.
Biking Busse woods unplanned and in flip-flops, all 13 miles there and back with my best friend.
Being handy with tools and a cumbersome fridge that fell on me, slightly.

19 July 2011


It's my 32nd birthday!

I went camping to celebrate!

We forgot all sorts of things: A Sleeping Bag, A Saucepan, The fruit in the fridge.

Thankfully, we ate a giant cookie at each meal!

15 July 2011

Best Parts: Birthday Eve

Best Parts:

A super quiet office. Writing queries as a spiritual practice! The perfect avocado for lunch. An on-time birthday card from Aunt Linda.

13 July 2011

Best Parts: Mid-week

Best parts:
Strong new tires! Picnic table lunches. A deep sleep on an empty couch. Getting back into the swing of things.

11 July 2011

Best Parts.

Cleaning cleaning! A day off. A tiny apartment full of SURBER'S! Mom's snickerdoodles. Eli's retrieving ability. A hearty night of sleep on the couch!

09 July 2011

Weekend Edition: Best Parts

Kayaking the rough waves of Lake Michigan. Shedding sadness and questions for a long paddle and an oversized life jacket.  Sleeping in my own bed. Eli snoring. South Indian food for dinner with my Crystal.

08 July 2011

Best Parts

A day off. Even if it meant running errands and plugging my ears with my fingers while a toddle had a fit at the dealership. A big hug right when I got home. Driving through Michigan. Dana's mix tape (cd). Mexitexts to check on me. Living out a lamentation with honesty.