31 January 2008


I believe God didn't want me to invite other speakers to the sessions today. I called 4 different people to speak with the group today. The one, sure speaker fell ill and didn't make the flight. Then I knew I would have to speak about culture and all of its glory and horror. It went well. Amazingly well. Does the absence of nervousness mean that God is present? Can the Knowing One really be present in words and actions even if we're oblivious? Even if we believe God's disappointed in us? Strange. Today should have been a stressful day with planning last minute sessions. Instead, it's a relaxed, well-thought out time. Does self-reliance actually exist? If God dwells in tiny places in us, then shouldn't the term be God-reliance? Strange. Again. 16 days J.

29 January 2008

Daunting is a feeling

Life in Florida is slower. The fruit is tastier and the Cadillacs are bit more cadillac-ier. This job doesn't seems so daunting. I was more worried before everyone came. Now, I can sort of feel the words in my mind before they come out.

And how can it be that I get more books read at work on the road than when I do when I'm home? I am 20 times busier on the road than when I'm in 307. Anyhow, it just works that way. J made it home a day late and a little sick. 16 days.

26 January 2008

Nineteen days darlin.

Made it to Florida yesterday. Many plants are the same as in my yard in Kwarhi. Weird. As if there are little reminders of my past life everywhere I go. J is in Phoenix this weekend. Being with the family that was hers before she became mine. Jealous signal is medium or so. J gets to see the market and drink phosphates at MacAlpine's. I get to stay at camp. It's a fair trade. We have been apart for five days. Nineteen days, darlin.

22 January 2008

Warm clothes, sunshiny clothes

I leave for three weeks starting today. It's very odd, really. I had to pack warm clothes for 3 days' retreat in Illinois. Then I have 3 more weeks of living off of Florida type clothes as well. I still need to hunt down flip flops and a couple of hats. It's weird that I have to rest for three days while my assistant prepares everything.

19 January 2008

On the top, but not on the bottom

Does short hair now mean that I'm an emo kid?  I lopped off all of my hair last night. But, this morning, I had to go to a real hair cutting place to get it shaped up right. Now I have faux hawk. I need a hat. 

J didn't laugh when I first got it cut. She helped me see the positive and made me an appointment with the trendy Regis. This Regis isn't Regis from Regis and Kelly on channel 9. I now have trendy hair, but not so trendy clothes or shoes.  I feel trendy on the top, but not on the bottom.

18 January 2008

Usually Only

I have a blog now. Seems sorta weird. I usually only read other's. How do people actually write on these things and sound mildly educated?

J went to work today without her cellphone. It's very odd. The feeling that she can't communicate with me at all. She left for work at 5:40am today. I could easily see why she forgot it. I wonder if she knows I'm thinking of her in this moment.

My friend Brad wrote these words. They make me happy. I think of my darling.
Time may change what you believe
But one day the truth will set you free
Just have faith and you will see
Love is never-ending
Love is never-ending