18 June 2009

A Daily Playlist

To get work done in a calm, cool, collected manner: Frank Sinatra (the Early Years)
To brainstorm ideas and think in weird ways: Fischerspooner
To act like I'm working but not really: Beethoven
To reminisce about life while I work: James Taylor
To chat with my boss while I work: Electric Light Orchestra
To write long-winded, angry emails: Ani DiFranco
To drive home on a sunny day: NPR All Things Considered
To cook barefoot in the kitchen: Kings of Leon

17 June 2009

Does this give you seizures?

My least favorite blog is by a favorite couple of mine but it's a black background and white lettering which burns the imprint of words into my eyeballs, so even after I'm done reading their updates, the image of words is emblazoned on everything I look at. That's what this blog is designed to be: The most painful thing you'll look at all day. Thanks!