19 February 2008

If you get there before I wake, feed Jake.

We have a tall young man staying on our couch. He leaves today. He's what you'd call 'a good kid.' He takes the dogs out for a walk a couple times a day. Cleans the kitchen. Smokes his cigarettes on the balcony. Perches the bird on his shoulder while he types on the laptop that's plugged in so the battery won't run down.

Houseguests are sometimes hard to handle. They use too much toilet paper all at once. They eat too much of the 'good food.' They kick the dogs when we're not home. Of course these things are all imagined. But Jake, your'e a good kid, and I'm gonna miss you.

13 February 2008

Feet are washed.

Tonight, we celebrated the 3 weeks our group has been together. We washed feet. Feet that had sand between toes from our trip to the ocean this afternoon. Some stooped low to wash the feet of others. We sang songs. Lit candles. Said a blessing to one another. How can it be that something so raw and powerful can come with little planning and still have everyone involved? It was a good night. I can't believe I have this job.

11 February 2008

In the morning and in the night.

I've been gone for 21 days. Weird. That's a long time for me. Does it really snow in Chicago or is it just my imagination? If the weather is so good in Florida, how bad can it really be anywhere else? I'm excited to get home and begin my home life again. Commuting to work. Cooking dinner with J. Even taking the dogs out in the morning and in the night. Life will be normal again. And normal is good. As much as I like to travel, it's quite different without J. I manage ok but some things just don't go so well. Like on Saturday. My phone broke into pieces. Completely hacked off in the middle. The bottom half can still dial, but I can't see any numbers that I dial. It sounds ridiculous but it really happened.

06 February 2008

Pathetically dreary

Why is that when I worry about the weather, it always turns nasty? I haven't given a thought to this Florida weather and it's been perfect. I actually hold off checking the forecast just in case it all turns against me. This weekend, we're going camping in the Everglades. I bet the weather will be fantastische if I don't worry about it. The minute I check weather.com the percentage of a chance of rain will jump from 10% to a whopping 95% chance. Why is that?

And yet in Illinois, the weather is always a source of conversation because it's always pathetically dreary. This winter, we've actually resorted to using a plastic broom to get massive amounts snow off the cars in a short amount of time. Pathetic. Why can't I just have a garage? And a house attached? And a baby? And. And. And.

04 February 2008

Craptastically peeved.

Today's a good day. Sort of. The institutional sized coffee pot broke. I walked to the other kitchen and it was completely locked. I walked back to the original kitchen and stepped in a big hole a mole made. That kind of peeved me, too. But it's a Monday. And on Monday, we should get a little allowance for having a craptastic day. Since it's Monday I'm allowed to start sentences with And and But. Really. Look at the previous sentences and you'll understand. Tomorrow I'll hunker down and not start sentences with conjuntions. But for now. I will. 13 days my future spouse.