06 January 2013


Mary Oliver made it look so easy. Trees. Birds. Words.

03 January 2013

Cinematic Observations with less Snark!

I've been taking the Dan way lately. Yep, walking. 1 1/2 laps around my perimeter road Cinema Drive once a day usually at night and with one dog. I almost have all the cul de sac streets memorized but I get forgetful around the Martin Lane and Tracy Court area.

Observations on the neighborhood that continually run through my head:

Man, this nativity stuff is ugly.
Motion lights lead my path in the darkness. Yessss!
Why do the biggest trucks always block the sidewalks?
There's an over-abundance of all white Christmas trees in these houses.
Isn't it nice that all the doorbells are illuminated? Where would we ever find them if they were hidden in the dark?
People watch a lot of tv on big flat screen tv's. These living rooms look like hospital rooms with the tv's mounted.

That is all.