06 February 2008

Pathetically dreary

Why is that when I worry about the weather, it always turns nasty? I haven't given a thought to this Florida weather and it's been perfect. I actually hold off checking the forecast just in case it all turns against me. This weekend, we're going camping in the Everglades. I bet the weather will be fantastische if I don't worry about it. The minute I check weather.com the percentage of a chance of rain will jump from 10% to a whopping 95% chance. Why is that?

And yet in Illinois, the weather is always a source of conversation because it's always pathetically dreary. This winter, we've actually resorted to using a plastic broom to get massive amounts snow off the cars in a short amount of time. Pathetic. Why can't I just have a garage? And a house attached? And a baby? And. And. And.

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