24 January 2012

The 20 days of orientation.....

Common questions heard in the office before we leave for 20ish days of orientation:

OK, who left the sour (and now moldy) kitchen towels in a cooler to rot for 4 months?
Can we pitch those towels or just wash em'?
Does tray 2 print duplexly or what?
Can the manual feeder tray print a duplex?
Can you walk me through a mail merge once more?

23 January 2012

Dog walks. Apologizing to the neighbors. Immersion blended soups. Wine with dinner. Fancy chopsticks at Minghin. Collaging 2011 photos for everyone that walks through the dining room.

05 January 2012


A peek into 2004 while cooking dinner in Nigeria: Music on. Dicing onions. Tears streaming. Extremely sensitive eyeball membranes. Pot o' mess is slowly coming to a rolling boil. Music is on in the background. The music is coming from a personal cd player, plugged into a currency stabilizer. Tiny computer speakers plugged in. Musical choices: John Denver, Manu Chao, DMB, Patty Griffin.

A peek into 2012 while cooking dinner in the US: Music on. Dicing onions. Tears streaming. Extremely sensitive eyeball membranes. Pot o' mess is slowly coming to a rolling boil. usic is on in the backgroung. The music is coming from my iphone. Musical choices: Ennio Morricone, Gustavo Santaolalla, and Uh Huh Her.

Life is still good 7 years later.

03 January 2012

Please remind me next December

Dear Callie,

Please do more work in December, 2012. Since today was your first day in the office for the new year, you have the following tasks to finish.

2nd mailing. Pastor's mailing. Resource mailing. Retreat mailing. Placing list. Stat sheet. Bingo sheet. Finish session leader scheduling. Make the meal schedule. Make the committees. Make the devotional schedule. Plan workdays. Make thumbnails. Email the newsline blurb. Plan chapel. Plan that thingy for the staff thingy that isn't a retreat.

You need to really get with it.



02 January 2012

A sickly start

Dec 31: Where were you on January 1, 2011?

Well, I was in Andersonville celebrating at midnight when the ball dropped. We got home around 2am and then I got sick. I landed in a CVS minute-clinic place in Elmhurst because they urgent care places had shoddy websites and misspelled words (really, it made me nervous! if you can spell things on a website correctly, how do I know you won't misdiagnose me?!) So after waiting 90 minutes in line, I got my time with the doctor. We headed home after some soup at the nearby Panera. A sickly start to 2011!

This year, we ushered in 2012 with 3 margaritas and a movie! And no chest infection! Wahooo!

01 January 2012


Dec 30: What aspects of your life do you need to work on?

This one is hard. It should have been an early December post I think! I need to do more things with my family. Better communication, too!