30 November 2009

Tuesday in November

I went to prison last weel. Not to worry, they let me out. I did get to visit with T___ my deathrow penpal. I visited with him for over 2 hours face to face last Tuesday.
Highlights include:Not finding the prison right away and having to ask the gas station clerk:
"Um, can you point me towards the prison?"
Clerk: "Um, did you do something bad?"
Me: "Not yet."
Clerk: "Southside of town up next to the Wal-Mart."
Me: "Wow. Thanks."

Another obvious highlight:Getting to meet T___. There are some many things and conversations and feelings and preconceived notions to describe.
Chains. Heavy chains around his waist, arms, legs, and feet, all are tethered to the floor and table.
The actual prison. Totally stuck in 1970. Actuals signs posted in The Condemned Visitation Room: Do Not Peel Paint Off Walls. The actual buildings are in a poor state at first glance as well.
The games cupboard. Did you know that visitation rooms have a cupboard of games? I surely didn't. I never knew they existed. I saw trivial pursuit, skipbo, chess, backgammon, and cribbage in there. T___ and I played palace and at least 20 games of Rummy. Sad to say I didn't win one game. And I wasn't even letting him win.

So will you try it out and get one yourself?
And some stats for you to ponder?

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