12 May 2014


Devotion time was led by Ben this morning. He referenced this guy and how the framework for this poem works. See the framework here: http://www.georgeellalyon.com/where.html In fact, I'm disappointed that I didn't think of this before. Here's mine.

I am from backyard campfires & stargazing on slick reclining plastic chairs.

I am from the river-- with a sweaty suburn and the Beach Boys 8-track playing out of the boat. I am from ham & ketchup sandwiches & a Capri Sun wedged in the sand.

I am from that old country church where the widows sit in front of me and pass back candies. From the alto section where my 2 favorite schoolteachers transform into the best singers each Sunday morning at 8:30.

I am from the outfield--where the grass is green and my back pocket is full of sunflower seeds. From where my old glove has a nickel shoved up the ring-finger slot when my brother used it.

I am from my yellow bicycle, my blue scooter, and wooden water skis. Where being outside everyday during the summer got me through longer winters. I am from my dad's beard--seeing that meant snowmobile season. Where bean fields meant a smoother ride than a cornfield on a winter weekday night.

I'm from that Quincy town--where cousins and families converged on a hometown and passed the newest baby cousin around. Where Maid-Rites and Gem City pizza had to be eaten once a trip. Where cousins sneaked sips of beer and aunt and uncles talked long into the night.

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