11 April 2010

A boring post that sounds like I've written it from a bay window in a nursing home.

I went walking in the woods today with a friend, my dog, and her dog. It was one of those glorious spring days that just kinda creeps up on ya. The tiny leaves were finally uncurling on new branches, mud was beginning to slink back in to dirt, and old guys on bikes were wheezing past us trying to regain their 'bicycle shape' they once had last fall. I find that spring is one of my favorite times of year because it feels like I've earned it. 5 months of scraping snow off my car, of taking Eli out for a pee in -10f weather, of simply just having to put on a scarf and hat and coat and dry shoes and socks to get ready to go to work..basically spring is the reward we get for living through the winter and I'm pretty happy about that one.

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