03 August 2011


So you wanna go camping! Here's a list of the essentials!

Hot dogs, buns, onions, buns, ketchup, mustard, chips, smores, apple, beer.
Eggs, butter, garlic, tortillas, beans, salt, pepper, red pepper flakes, coffee, half and half, sugar, beer.
Grits, butter, avocado, lime, salt, garlic, pepper, coffee, half and half, sugar, beer.

Hammock. Rope. Sleeping bag. Air mattress. Pump. Pillows. Fitted sheet. Lawn chairs. Stove. Camping fuel. Aim n' flame. Newspapers. Lantern. Cooler.
Pot. 2 skillets. French press. Camera. Water bottles. Fruit in drawer (see birthday edition). Bug Spray. Aloe vera. Swimsuits. Pjs. Shorts. T-shirt. Flips. Flops.
Tent. Screen house tent. Book. Journal. Camping reservation. Beer.

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