04 August 2011

The view from my 12 speed, 1979 Schwinn Varsity

I've been biking at Busse Woods a lot this summer. It's a 7.7 mile loop plus another 4 miles to and from my apt. As I've become more consistent in my riding so have the types of people I notice using the same path. A quick snapshot of the regulars:

Older guy on a recumbent bike: neon green shirt, messy beard, appears to be sleeping and biking simultaneously.

Mismatched young adult couple: girlfriend is in running shorts and tank top, boyfriend is in khakis, polo shirt, black dress shoes. Neither one is talking. Just staring ahead and walking painfully slow.

Biker gang: 3 very skinny and tan men with skinny butts and huge bulging calves wearing matching shorts and red and black shirts. Their bikes also match. They never make eye contact(shiny sunglasses prevent that) with anyone, they average about 25 mph while dodging the previous mentioned folks, and like to say ON YOUR LEFT with arrogance.

Roller blader: Male: Usually a guy in 3/4 length pants (i call em' capris) a black tank top, and some type of fedora with actual feathers on the side. Female: mid 40's, brown hair, all spandex clothes, usually chewing gum at the pace of her strides.

I'll stop for now. Won't you join me sometime?

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