15 September 2011


Holy moly! It's my mom's birthday! Highlights of her 61 years include (in no particular order):

  • Teaching Jetta how to be the family dog. 
  • Playing catch with me from the ages of 5-18!
  • Playing countless hours of Go Fish! at the kitchen table and rummy in the later years.
  • Teaching me about the best musicians: Neil Diamond, Journey, Air Supply!
  • Being in a homecoming skit based on the New Kids on the Block!
  • Making whoopie pies for my class, Girl Scouts, birthday parties, etc.
  • Being the watcher of all water skiers and tubers in case we fell or let go of the rope while Dad drove.
  • The amazing catcher of falling potatoes shot out of the family heirloom potato gun.
  • Lover of her neighbors (Frannie, The Parks, The Hartsworns, The Rabbits, The Tills, the list goes on and on)
  • Resilient mower of lawns when I was at Camp: our own, Franny's, and Lois'!
  • Prompt letter writer, card-sender, thank-you note writer in always consistent handwriting whether I was at camp, sports camp, college, Nigeria!
  • Survivor of one big romp of pneumonia!
Love you, Mom!

1 comment:

momsurber said...

Awwwe, that is so nice Callie! Thank you for all of the compliments. Being 61 is an accomplishment in my book!
Love you too Sweetie!!!