08 December 2011

You can't always get what you want....

Where did you spend your money?

Interesting prompt for today. I've really tried to live way below my means and save a considerable amount of money from each paycheck. The website that's really peaked my interest in personal finance is www.getrichslowly.org. I've topped off my pension designations and also quit using a credit card. Living debt free isn't always 'roller-coaster thrilling,' but I've had a lot of fun doing the things that I plan for, instead of mindless shopping.

So, to better answer the question, I guess I'd rather share where I haven't spent my money.
--No more magazine subscriptions.
--Hardly any music bought on iTunes.
--No fancy car washes anymore.
--No clothes or shoe shopping without a plan and a fistful of coupons.
--No fancy grocery store shopping: No Dominicks, Safeway, or Whole Foods.

And where my money has gone this year:
Tithing. Camping trips. Overnights with the Mexis. Glasses & Contacts. Dentist!

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