10 December 2013

Dancey! Dental hygiene! Bloody stumps!

Let the navel-gazing begin! If you're blogstalking me and not recording your own thoughts, then you're a sore year-end loser and you need to get a life! Get on the bandwagon and come along!

When were you most grateful?
Dancing my feet to bloody stumps at our wedding reception last April! (I have a little feeling these posts will be wedding/Crystal related, so there's your wee warning.) Looking back at our 1000+ photos these past few months, has shown us that we have really dancey friends. I am grateful that our dancey-souled friends and family really showed up for us on that wintry mix of a day in April.

Of course, I'm most grateful for my Crystal. She helps me in so many ways. I have excellent dental hygiene (I floss nightly!) because of her. I wait to start eating until she's ready! I try and listen to almost everything she says instead of shrugging off deep conversations! Here's to 2014, honey bunny! 

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