15 December 2010

Goodbye, Comcast!

I've officially become a minority in the US. I've cancelled cable (gasp!), more specifically COMCAST. I'm also not planning on watching it anytime soon (please don't count the times I gaze up at the 300lb one about my head at treadmill #7 in my gym). Since I've just saved myself $468 for the next twelve months, I'm pretty darn happy (please insert a mental image of me doing a lil' jig)! And yes I did have shows that I  loved to watch, but I quickly realized that once I stopped watching them, I didn't really miss the plotlines, the commercials, and the sinking suspicions that I was wasting my time night after night and weekend after weekend. What do you think? Should you turn your tv off too? What's stopping you? Would it be too quiet in your home? Would you miss out on polarizing viewpoints on cable 'news'?  Would you feel at a loss to lose the stats and storyline of your sports teams? Would sports even matter if you didn't watch them on tv?


April said...

What took you so long? I have not had cable in my adult life! And now with the internet, if there is something I really want to watch, I can probably watch it on my own schedule or get it from Netflix! Even still, I could use a little less screen time in my world. But I'm taking a sewing class in January, so that will help. Hope you are well!

Callie said...

Isn't it sad that we own chat via blog comments? Sighhhhhh! Maybe we'll see each other in 2011! It's been 6 months! 6 months!

April said...

Seriously. Perhaps we'll have to resort to setting up our OWN time to hang out and not wait for the boys to do something! Let's try that!