04 December 2010


Prompt: Wonder. How did you cultivate a sense of wonder in your life this year?

Hmmmmm. Wonder. This could be a toughy. I've thought about this prompt for most of the day and it's been a bit difficult to conjure up places in 2010 that have caused me to wonder. Sitting through a sweat lodge for 2 very intense hours definitely had me wondering about life, the ability of adaptation my body experienced, and the amount of heat my little heart and lungs could deal with. I've thought a lot about that sweat lodge and the amount of perserverance I never knew I had stored inside myself. I wish I could feel that fierce every time I go through something stressful. Hopefully, I'll experience more sweat lodges in my life. The feeling of crawling out of the little structure on my hands and knees into that cool mountain air will never be repeated as it felt like in October.

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Ryan Knapp said...

Perseverance is a very important trait. Glad you learned it in your sweat lodge!