08 December 2012


Where did you spend your money?

Fonda Lane! House hunting and house buying is expensive and always stressful. There's more than just a mortgage to pay for when you go down the homeownership road.

First off-gas! We drove through dozens of neighborhoods for 3 months, almost every Saturday, Sunday, and Tuesday morning looking at listings even before going into one for an actual look-see.

Second! After  you've agreed on a house, went to see it, signed a contract, and negotiated the price of it, you're going to need some cash. You'll need to find a lawyer, a lender, and a decent inspector ours was ok, (they gave us cookies after the inspection), but they missed a partially collapsed drainage pipe).

Third! A down payment! If you make that down payment to be 20% of the loan, you won't pay a monthly private mortgage insurance fee! Good luck saving up to that amount! It can be terrifying!

Fourth! Closing costs that should be wrapped up in the total of the down payment!

Fifth! Moving costs-whether it's a moving company-$120/hour is fair or your best friends schlepping your things through the suburbs ($100 for pizza and beer)!

Sixth! Standard things you might not just have: a lawnmower(!), a rake(!), enough furniture to furnish a house(!), a snow shovel (!)

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Krista said...

Yeah! Well said....I lot of money upfront!