19 December 2012


When were you the angriest?

There was this one time that I got really angry. I took my socks off in the dark, raised them above my head, and threw them down as hard as I could. Until I realized Eli was right there , almost under my feet. He ran out of the room after I sort of pelted him. I've quit throwing clothes when I'm angry.

This is reminiscent of the time I got quite angry at myself for striking out in a ball game in high school. After my mother told me repeatedly to quit throwing fits when 'things weren't going my way', I stomped back to the dugout and threw my helmet straight down. Dear reader, did you know that if you throw a helmet straight down, it will bounce right back and hit you in the face? I quit throwing helmets soon after that. And soon after that, I quit striking out too much, I think my face was afraid of my helmet.

I'm starting to throw things a lot less when I'm angry.

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