11 December 2012


Who has been your teacher this year, officially or unofficially?

Are these questions getting harder by the day? I think so! Lots of people teach me daily, but I rarely recognize them.

My dad-he's a treasure trove of knowledge for all things car and house related. He can look at a door and know precisely how to shape it up so it'll close snugly. Just a few weeks back he rattled my front bumper and then rolled under the car and tightened the whole front end up!

My mom-have you tasted this lady's cooking? Biscuits and gravy! Cornbread stuffing! Sea salt caramels! She does things right! She also treats her friends well! Who else can you think of who searches for bacon flavored vodka for a friend 4 states away and succeeds with finding it, MOM!

Crystal! Crystal keeps me all together! Have you seen me in clothes that look clean and possibly not all black? Crystal! Did you notice my healthy lunch of spinach and cottage cheese and a banana? Crystal!

Thanks everybody for keeping me in one piece! It takes a village, apparently.

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